The Impact First Fund supports inspiring mission-driven ventures focused on social and environmental impact.

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Beta Bugs is unlocking the genetic potential of the Black Soldier Fly in insect farming for more sustainable protein production.

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Carcinotech is paving the way to the future of effective cancer treatments with its mission to work with global stakeholders to accelerate drug discovery and bring more effective treatments to market.

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Cyacombs’ social mission is to develop scalable technology to help law enforcement, social media, and cloud companies detect, block, and restrict distribution of harmful digital content to protect vulnerable groups.

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Dxcover is an ambitious Mission-led Business that has developed a way of detecting cancer at an early stage using a simple to undertake blood test.

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EnteroBiotix is on a mission to master the gut microbiome to develop pioneering therapeutics that restore health by treating and preventing disease.

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Good-Loop exists to make the internet a more positive place for brands, people and the world.

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Manus Neurodynamica is changing the way we diagnose and monitor neuromotor impairments. The company has developed the NeuroMotor Pen™ that provides an early warning of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions.

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MiAlgae aims to harness the potential of micro-algae as a sustainable and alternative source of Omega-3 oils essential to animal and human health, to eliminate a worldwide reliance on its key source: wild-caught fish.

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Microplate Dx are an award-winning spinout diagnostics company specialising in the development of novel solutions to tackle the major global health threat of antimicrobial resistance.

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Nebu~Flow is developing the next generation of nebulisers to enable the delivery of life changing treatments.

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SOLASTA Bio develops environment-friendly products that meet a global need for new and effective crop protection.

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Talking Medicines mission is to be the world’s gold standard provider of patient intelligence by medicine, and its vision is better health outcomes for every patient.

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Trojan Energy is focused on making electric vehicle charging available to everyone, ensuring a fair price and efficient, convenient charging infrastructure.

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